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A Real Melton Mowbray Pork Pie


Its been a long time since my last update to my site and a lot has changed. I'm a little bit taller, I have a new job at and most importantly I've joined the Asforby district darts league where I get free food at the end of the night!

Working at I'm learning how to become a real grownup but also become a better designer and make the odd website inbetween all the cups of tea.

I've also been doing some freelance websites which I've posted on my web design page as well as the odd one done for

Check back soon as I'll be making regular updates!

A new site for a new era.

Since my recent graduation from Brunel University, I've spent the last few months recovering, catching up with old friends and putting together work from my final year. I've moved back to my hometown, the home of pork pies - Melton Mowbray whilst still keeping in touch with my friends back in London. The past few years have been very rewarding, learning new programs and skills and getting real experience with an international web development company on my placement at Metia Ltd.

I'm currently working on some freelance work and also trying to add to my sketchbook so check it out. Feel free to let me know what you think of my site as all comments are welcome.